Motive IT

Cyber Security
(E8, CIS Controls, NIST)

Feel more secure using managed security services, designed to safeguard organisations against the growing complexity and sophistication of cyber threats and other security risks.

By using managed security services

Individuals can tap into the expertise of a dedicated team of security professionals and access the latest security technologies and tools, all without the need for investing in their own in-house security resources.

Why is this important?

  • Work providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Industry regulations
Losing money is one thing, but the ongoing brand reputation is another. Ongoing brand reputation can be extremely hard to recover from, as seen during the Optus and Medibank breaches. We encourage a proactive approach to ensuring that we can not only recover from these events, but we work to stop them happening in the first place.

What does this look like for you?

Leveraging state of the art toolkits with leading vendors such as Microsoft, coupled with building the right processes and team. Together we can show compliance to the Australian recognised cyber framework, Essential8

Security monitoring and threat detection

Incident response management

Compliance management

Vulnerability management

Security consulting

Cyber security solutions provide the advanced solutions to allow a business to comfortably allow their teams to work from anywhere, streamline their business operations, and unlock data analytics for business insights.

Oscar Williams

Operations Manager

What our customer’s say

“As we expanded into government contracts, we found clients were demanding Essential8 compliance, and with no internal IT resources we turned to our current provider Motive IT. They provided an end-to-end implementation of IT policies to align with the standard, provided a dedicated implementation expert and even undertook our audit survey with 3rd party risk assessors. We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Do you know your risk to security?

Reach out to us for a vulnerability assessment, where we can highlight your cyber risk, and action strategies to improve.