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AI - Workplace Integration Series

AI - Workplace Integration Series: Article 1

Utilising Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Annual Report 2023, we have developed a series of brief articles to highlight the key findings. These summary articles will hopefully give you insight into how other businesses are utilising AI and integrating AI into the daily operations of their business.

We’re all carrying digital debt: the inflow of data, emails, meetings, and notifications has outpaced humans’ ability to process it all, and the pace of work is only intensifying. Everything feels important, so we spend our workdays trying to get out of the red. There are only so many minutes in the day and every minute we spend managing this digital debt is a minute not spent on the creative work that leads to innovation. In a world where creativity is the new productivity, digital debt is more than an inconvenience — it’s impacting business.

With the balance of work hours spent communicating, 68% of people say they don’t have enough uninterrupted focus time during the workday.

The data reveals an urgent need to make meetings more effective — people report ‘inefficient meetings’ as their number one productivity disruptor.

Identify and address your organisation’s productivity disruptors

Radically rethink the workday. As AI frees up time and energy, protect focus time for the creative work that leads to innovation.

Think of meetings as a digital artifact and not just a point in time. Encourage people to leverage AI-powered intelligent meeting recaps, transcripts, and recordings to engage with meetings how and when it works best for them. 

Talk to Motive IT about how AI can help your business. A simple discussion might highlight some real opportunities for your business. 

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