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AI - Workplace Integration Series

AI - Workplace Integration Series: Article 2
Source – Microsoft’s Work Trend Annual Report – 2023. Survey 31,000 people across 31 countries, as well as the data analytics of Microsoft 365.

Utilising Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Annual Report 2023, we have developed a series of brief articles to highlight the key findings. These summary articles will hopefully give you insight into how other businesses are utilising AI and integrating AI into the daily operations of their business.

Amid concerns of AI replacing jobs, the data revealed an unexpected insight: employees are more eager for AI to lift the weight of work than they are afraid of job loss to AI. While 49% of people say they’re worried AI will replace their jobs, 70% would delegate as much work as possible to AI to lessen their workloads.

Business leaders are 2x more likely to choose “increasing employee productivity” than “reducing headcount” when asked what they would most value about AI in the workplace, amid fears of AI job loss.
Asked to imagine work in 2030, people surveyed say they’d most value changes that saved them time — like producing high-quality work and learning new skills faster.

The data shows that business leaders are looking to:

  • help employees with necessary but repetitive tasks;
  • increase employee wellbeing;
  • eliminate employee time spent on low-value activities;
  • enhance employees’ capabilities; and
  • accelerate employees’ pace of work.

The data reveals an urgent need to make meetings more effective — people report ‘inefficient meetings’ as their number one productivity disruptor.

Take action now:

  • Bring leaders together across the organisation to create guardrails that help people experiment safely and responsibly with AI.
  • Be intentional and programmatic. Like any platform shift, adopting AI at scale requires change management. Pick specific disciplines, processes, and workflows to test and learn, and identify evangelists to lead the charge. 
  • As you begin to adopt AI, deploy it where people need the most relief based on your organisation’s pain points and challenges.

Talk to Motive IT about how AI can help your business. A simple discussion might highlight some real opportunities for your business. 

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