Managed IT is an unique approach to providing outsourced IT services. Essentially, we operate as your in-house IT department, providing advice and expertise for installation and maintenance, and monitoring your system around the clock ensuring your IT is secure. We are your port of call for all enquiries and support, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you’ll never be caught out by unnecessary computer problems.


Sophisticated software that protects your business

Our smart system monitors your IT infrastructure as it is operating, actively searching for risks, viruses and security holes, before they become a problem. If something malicious does get through, we can fix it in a matter of minutes, not days. With a traditional break-fix IT service, it could take as long as two days to recover your system, with Motive IT we can have your system back up and running in less than an hour.

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Save money while improving your IT

IT failure can have a devastating effect on small and medium sized businesses. If your system crashes, not only is it expensive to repair, it also costs you in lost data and loss of profits from excessive downtime. Our cost-effective services provide you with a superior service and the consistency you need to manage your budget effectively. By investing in quality IT services up-front, you avoid expensive system failures while accessing corporate level software.

At Motive IT, we understand how important it is for SMEs to have cost certainty. IT is a function that causes many SME owners a lot of stress and expense, when things go wrong. When you choose one of our three affordable service levels, it gives you the consistency and security of predictable, IT costs.

FREE System Recovery Guarantee*

This is a promise that no other IT provider gives. We guarantee that if your system goes down, we will recover your entire system at no extra cost to you. You never have to worry about the risk of system failure again. If you have a service agreement with Motive IT, we’ll get your system back up and running for no additional cost.

  • Our Free System Recovery Guarantee has every angle covered:
  • Hardware failure — Your warranty coverage will get you back to a C: prompt and we’ll take you the rest of the way at no extra cost.
  • Operating System Exploitation — If your system goes down due to vulnerability exploit, we’ll bring it back up at no extra cost.
  • Virus Infection — If your server is exploited by a virus and goes down, we’ll bring it back up at no extra cost.

*Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

One point of truth for all your IT services

Motive IT takes care of your full system, including your hardware, your software and your Internet connection. That means there’s no back-and-forth between different providers that don’t want to claim responsibility for any system disruption. We take full responsibility for all your IT issues and needs. If you have a problem, we take ownership, ensuring you get back to business sooner.

Mobile Security

If your mobile device is stolen, we can use our smart system to:

  • Find and report its location
  • Lock the device and add/remove apps
  • Wipe the device of all its memory

Ongoing communication so you know where you stand

For many business managers, IT is a necessary function that you only need to think about when something goes wrong. When you join the Motive IT user community, we take care of your entire system, letting you get back to the activities that will make you money.

It’s important to understand what you’re paying for and to see the benefits of corporate level infrastructure. That’s why we provide regular reports on what our services and expertise is doing to make your business run smoothly.

Your monthly Motive IT report will explain exactly what security risks have been averted throughout the month. We report on the health of your network, including any logon failures, viruses, audits, patch scans and any crashed applications.

Multiple service levels to suit your requirements

Motive IT has multiple levels of services to suit the needs of your business. Whether you’re a small business needing basic IT support, or a larger business with complex IT requirements, we have a service agreement to suit you.

To find out what service level is right for your business, click the button below. We’ll provide a FREE system health check and a zero obligation assessment of your IT needs.

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