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New Surface Book 3 Review – Microsoft’s Best Business Tool?


If Microsoft designed mobile PCs are the essence of the Windows computing experience, and the Surface Book is Microsoft’s flagship, then the Surface Book 3 has a reasonable claim to be the ultimate Windows-powered mobile device.



–       Unique detachable design

–       Powerful graphics processors

–       Available in 13.5” or 15” screen

–       Many configuration options

–       Comfortable keyboard

–       Dual 1080p camera

–       Quality PixelSense display

–       Benefits of a Tablet and Laptop


–       Pricey

–       Keyboard adds weight

–       No Thunderbolt 3 port


The Verdict: with advanced mechanical locking system for the keyboard base, powerful graphics processing, multiple cameras and batteries and a brilliant near 4K display the Surface Book 3 is an innovative, excellent detachable laptop, and a high spec tablet with Windows, all in the same package.


There are models with full CAD-ready 3D graphics cards so if you are one of those creative types, someone looking for a graphically capable 13-inch or 15-in laptop, or just a person looking for a deluxe device to indulge in — the 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 3 becomes an easy recommendation.