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I’m not going to state the obvious about the hardships we are all facing. Motive IT is about taking ownership of problems and looking for answers, and so that is what we are going to offer you. Our news briefings are going to be about tangible ideas and options that you can use TODAY. We’ll start with a list of questions we are getting asked every day:

What should my team’s computer have on it to ensure it can handle working from home?

Below is a list of minimal requirements for home devices:

  • PC should be less than 5 years old – if not, processing problems will arise
  • Minimum of Windows 8 (but preferably Windows 10) or MAC OSX Ver 10.13
  • Must have – Antivirus under current paid subscription and updated. The 4 suppliers that we recognise and trust are – Webroot, Trend Micro, Symantec, Kaspersky – Free ones are not much use
  • Must Have – ensure either Windows or Mac systems are fully updated
  • Must Have – check home internet speed via minimum requirements are: PING ms < 25, Download Mbps >20, Upload Mbps >10 – if not, processing problems will arise.

How can we reduce our IT costs – Payment Relief Options

We are all relying more heavily on the capabilities of our IT systems than ever before. The more robust your system, the greater productivity for our teams. In an effort to reduce one of the major challenges of IT issues, we have arranged a variety of finance options to reduce the cost of Hardware, Software and some managed services. There are options and ways to reduce your costs to a minimal monthly amount. Tailored specifically to your financial situation, these options allow you to have the best IT support in a manageable and controlled way.  For more details and options around financial support, please contact us.

Immediate offer – 2 month payment holiday for any new agreement!

How can we handle all our phone calls while we work from home?

The correct VOIP system allows a business’s team members to use their desktop PCs or mobile phones just like they were sitting at their desk, or traditional handsets if preferred – from any location!

If your business relies on phone communication and this is an option that you would like to consider, please contact our office for more specific details. It is very easy and cost effective to set up. Often you end up paying less than your current phone bill!

Immediate offer – Free VOIP Licensing for 3 years on any new system!

  • Seamless transition to a remote workforce
  • Maximize productivity from anywhere
  • Keep connected to customers and employees
  • Integrated Video, LiveChat, Mobile Apps

We know it works, this is the system that Motive IT is using right now.

If this post hasn’t been able to answer any of your specific questions or if you have other questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We are here to help and to work together with you.

Mike Andrew