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5 Types of Email Scams Exploiting COVID-19


The worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus (officially knows as COVID-19) has gripped all of us. It’s trending everywhere – from news publications to social channels. The hashtag #COVID19 is trending on Twitter with millions of tweets. Global fears about the spread of the virus, combined with a lack of clarity about how to prevent it have made the topic irresistible – and cyber criminals have noticed too. Inter-pol has reported that cyber criminals have exploited the Coronavirus already to scam millions($) from hapless victims who are fearful about the growing pandemic. Five real examples of cyber-attacks exploiting fears around Coronavirus. At MailGuard, we have intercepted several email scams centered around Coronavirus. In this guide we highlight five of the most common so far . Share them with your business and networks to increase their awareness and to make them more cyber resilient during this global health emergency.